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PRO * LAP is YOUR Professional Leather Service for:

Red_Arrow5225.gif (101 bytes)  A to Z Repairs ~ Alterations to Zippers
Red_Arrow5225.gif (101 bytes)  Custom Lettering ~ Logos ~ Art Work
Red_Arrow5225.gif (101 bytes)  Repairing Damaged or Destroyed Racing Suits
Red_Arrow5225.gif (101 bytes)  Cleaning & Conditioning ANY Leather Article

PRO * LAP will...

Red_Arrow5225.gif (101 bytes)  Condition your leathers with Oils & Preservatives to soften and restore leather windproofing and waterproofing qualities!
Red_Arrow5225.gif (101 bytes)  Return your article back to you with FREE freight!
Red_Arrow5225.gif (101 bytes)  Perform any required service within 2 weeks! (extensive repairs MAY take longer)
Red_Arrow5225.gif (101 bytes)  Not in the immediate area?  No problem!  UPS is real fast and CHEAP, send it!