Clean & Condition

Tom can clean and condition your leathers within 2 weeks for $45.  This service should be utilized at least once a year to keep your leathers clean, supple and to restore leather wind proofing and waterproofing qualities.  Your leather article will be returned back to you free of freight charges.  Light crash damage (scuffs etc) can usually be "hidden" with this service.  All that black stuff is rubber and oils from the road and it does come off.  After cleaning, your leathers are treated with oils and preservatives which brings back most of the original now faded colors.   Here is a before and after shot of a set of race leathers that were crashed in.   Tom cleaned and conditioned them along with adding the racer's name to the back...


pl-9.jpg (23989 bytes)

pl-10.jpg (22724 bytes)

You can see where the leather was scuffed through the red color just below the name, right?  The racer opted to leave it as-is to save some dough.  Tom can re-dye areas like this if you want him to.